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Consulting services on training development, including concept and implementation plan, high quality content, course structures, course material, and design.

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Public Speaking

Request Azeria for public speaking engagements at public or private events, including keynotes, panels, company internal events, workshops.

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Android Exploitation

Reverse engineering and debugging Android binaries, how vulnerabilities can be exploited, how exploit mitigations work, and the techniques hackers use to bypass them.

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IoT Exploitation

Learn to read and write Arm 32-bit Assembly, exploit stack- and heap-based vulnerabilites, and learn how stack coockie, ASLR, and XN mitigations can be bypassed.

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Reverse Engineering

This course is designed to give students a deep understanding of Arm 32-bit and Arm 64-bit assembly, and to perform both static and dynamic analysis of compiled programs.

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Advanced Multi-Day Training Courses

Available to corporate clients with minimum class sizes of 10

Visual Learning

Nobody wants to stare at boring text slides for days. Azeria Labs courses are designed to improve the learning experience by addressing different learning styles. Packed with aesthetically pleasing visual explanations of complex technical concepts, our material helps ensure attendees understand and retain more knowledge and learn faster.

lab workbooks

Lab Workbooks

To keep participants engaged and on track, attendees will receive a physical workbook to guide them through each lab. Each course comes with a comprehensive training workbook which is designed to take attendees step-by-step through every concept taught in class, reinforcing learning and making sure no step is overlooked.

Lab Environments

Lose no time on complicated installations, managing dependencies, or troubleshooting configuration problems on software before class. Attendees get pre-configured and ready-to-use lab environments with all necessary tools, scripts, exploit templates, and emulations, in form of a VM or cloud access.


Real-World Targets

Tired of simple buffer overflow challenges? Waste no time and get your hands on real targets. Analyze real vulnerabilities in IoT or Mobile devices, debug firmware processes, and by the end of the course you will have written N-day exploits and bypasses on-device exploit mitigations.

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For detailed course outlines and price quotes, email contact [at] from your company email account. Please note that our private training sessions are available to corporations and government organizations with minimum class sizes of 10 people.