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Driven by the realiztion that Arm-based devices were going to take over the world and nobody was looking very closely at how to secure them, Azeria Labs was founded in 2017 with the goal of educating the next generation of security experts on how to defend and exploit these Arm-based devices and the software that runs on them. Since then, Azeria Labs has grown beyond belief, providing private trainings all over the world, partnering with industry-leading security conferences, and training hundreds of security engineers how to attack and defend IoT devices, phones, and other Arm-based devices. As part of its mission to get new young talent into the industry, Azeria Labs also provides free educational content and short workshops for students in partnership with industry-leading technology companies and security conferences.

Maria Markstedter


CEO of Azeria Labs

Maria is the founder and CEO of Azeria Labs, offering services and trainings at top-tier security conferences including Black Hat and Infiltrate, as well as on-site private training and consulting for large tech companies and law enforcement agencies. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Corporate and IT Security and a Master’s degree in Enterprise and IT Security and served as the Chief Product Officer for the Arm virtualization startup Corellium. In 2018, Maria became a Forbes “30 under 30” list member for technology, has been featured in magazines such as Vogue Business Magazine, and was named the Forbes Person of the Year in Cybersecurity 2020. She is a member of both the Black Hat® EU and US Trainings and Briefings Review Board. Her research focus is on Arm reverse engineering and binary exploitation. Maria worked on exploit mitigation research alongside Arm in Cambridge and continues to educate security researchers and developers around the world on attacking and defending Arm binary applications. In 2022, she published her first book on Arm Assembly Internals and Reverse Engineering through Wiley.


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For detailed course outlines and price quotes, email contact [at] azeria-labs.com from your company email account. Please note that our private training sessions are available to corporations and government organizations with minimum class sizes of 10 people.