Onsite Training

Azeria Labs provides bespoke private trainings where we train members of your team directly at a location of your choice. This means your staff do not need to pay travel and hotel costs to visit a conference, leading to big savings. Moreover, a private onsite training is scheduled at a time that is most convenient for your business needs, making it more accessible for teams who cannot travel to conferences for days at a time.


Course Pricing

Advanced multi-day training courses are available to corporate clients with minimum class sizes of 10.

Less than 10 20 seats

Azeria Labs vs Conference Pricing

Save money with private onsite training sessions.

Price Comparison

Azeria Labs courses are less expensive than Black Hat courses.


Request Details

For detailed course outlines and price quotes, email contact [at] azeria-labs.com from your company email account. Please note that our private training sessions are available to corporations and government organizations with minimum class sizes of 10 people.